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construction materials th▓at are native to the area. A Peking Opera fan in her 60s-a Shanghai woman of taste but hardly a woman of means - carries on a secret love affair with a▓n amateur Peking Opera singer in the bittersweet "Po▓stmodern Life of My Aunt." You know the rest."The Postmodern Life of My Aun▓t" tells a postmodern tale of an ordin▓ary yet remarkable older woman on her own. She still has a passion for life, art ▓and love, despite age and straitened ci

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ui, and began scree▓ning this week with English and Chinese subtitles.It stars acclaimed mainland actress Siqin Gaowa as the aunt and famed Hong Kong actor ▓Chow Yun-fat as her lover - both in dramatically different roles from those ▓that made them famous. No dragon-lady, overpowering queen mother. No imperial figure or martial arts he▓ro.The film and the acting have received generally favorable reviews. Siqin speaks in imperf▓ect but acceptable Shanghainese. Chow

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costumes, they sing▓ Peking Opera together. Chow's songs are dubbe▓d.Siqin, known for roles as

powerful, dominant older women, now plays an ordinary woman (no name given) who lives alone▓ in rather shabby circumstances and cares for her difficult,▓ net-surfing nephew over the summer.Chow, famed for playing major figures in historical dramas and action films, plays Pan Zhicha▓ng, a retired unemployed man, another Peking Opera fan - charming but scheming.11111Background Report:30 years of reform in China have also had an enormous impact on the country's vast

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ince. In▓ today's part of our BizChina 360 series on 3 decades o▓f reform and opening up, Qi Tianxing shows us how life has changed dramatically in anot▓her village, that's Sunzhuang, in central Henan Province.Zhang Xiuying is preparing lunch for her family. She is happy with her daily life. She's able to take on some work on the farm, cook for the family and take care of her grandchildren. Zhang Xiuying, one Sunzhuang villager said "I'll cook rice and mea▓t."Now

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in return. And this amount was the same, however much or little each farmer worked. That mean most farmers had little incentive▓ to till the land. Poor soil conditions and the▓ effect of natural disasters led to a very low standard of living. Many lack▓ed the most basic items for survival.Zhang Xiuying said "After work I picked leaves from elm ▓trees and cooked soup with them. I only earned 6▓ yuan a month at that time. "Xu Guizhen&acu▓te;s family was even poorer, they ha▓d to beg for thei

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